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Sompura Sthapatya provides custom made Stone Handicrafts, Stone Artifacts and Stone Furniture like flower pots, fire places, fountains, centre tables, garden benches, Indian art sculptures and idols, interior and exterior stone decorative works. For more details feel free to contact us.
  Stone Furniture / Flower Pots  
  Sand Stone Flower Pot Design No. SSFP01   Sand Stone Flower Pot Design No. SSFP02   Sand Stone Flower Pot (Tulsi Kyara)  Design No. SSFP03   Sand Stone Flower Pot (With Roman Art)  Design No. SSFP04  
Design No. SSFP 01
Design No. SSFP 02
Design No. SSFP 03
Design No. SSFP 04
  Sand Stone Flower Pot Design No. SSFP05   Sand Stone Flower Pot Design No. SSFP06   Sand Stone Flower Pot Design No. SSFP07  
Design No. SSFP 05
Design No. SSFP 06
Design No. SSFP 07
  Stone Furniture / Fire Places
  Marble Fire Place Design No. SSFPL01   Jaisalmer Stone Fire Place Design No. SSFPL02   Black Marble Fire Place Design No. SSFPL03  
Design No. SSFPL 01
Design No. SSFPL 02
Design No. SSFPL 03
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